Airbar Technology

Manual Deployment

AIRBAR is driver activated from within the cab in stationary vehicles and helps create a wider, safer working zone for drivers working roadside in a live lane and facing oncoming traffic.

Automatic Deployment

Nearside AirBars deploy automatically at under 15mph when the left turn indicator is activated and creates a highly effective visible alert to cyclists or other VRUs.


Soft Safety Membrane

The AirBar is a brightly coloured inflatable flexible membrane.

Bright Flashing LEDs

Combined with the AirBar’s brightly coloured membrane are a row of inbuilt flashing LEDs that create a highly visual warning to other road users.

Inflatable System

AirBars employ their own bespoke air control system which uses low pressure compressed air to inflate, and a recoil device.

Selectable Deployment

When parked, drivers can deploy AirBars nearside, offside, or both to create a safer zone around the vehicle when working alongside.

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Indicator stalk deployed

Nearside AirBars when turning left at a junction are automatic initiated by operating the left indicator stalk at vehicle speeds under 15mph.

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